Embiz Foundation Certification Process

Embiz Four-Pillar Certification Model:   Online Learning Model, Program Content Quality, LMS Technology to deliver learning content and Teacher Curricula.

Online Learning Model

We evaluate whether academic models are clearly oriented to develop professional competences and skills by using different and complementary didactic techniques in terms of function and structure. We also consider how students acquire an active learning role by having access to engaging in a set of attractive, meaningful, and well-defined learning activities as well as objectivity and reliability of evaluation methods.

Academic Programs

It is important to analyze the quality of learning contents in terms of its novelty, rigor, and relevance for students to developing useful professional skills and acquire significative knowledge and how often are these contents updated to meet world class business and organizational challenges, according to the nature of each academic program.  Contents should include a combination of information, models, and tools.

LMS Technology

We evaluate how well constructed are learning management systems (LMS) in terms of having multi device reliable and precisely coordinated means to deliver sound academic content such as synchronous and asynchronous classes, course materials, multimedia experiences, exercises, evaluation practices as well as feedback and grades to students. It is important that LMS enables students to actively interact with their teachers and peers and to share experiences.

Teacher curricula

Considering that we are certifying executive learning programs, Teachers should have postgraduate academic credentials and a 20-year practical experience in their fields: in managerial positions doing practical work in companies as well as teaching activity delivering courses in higher education institutions.  Another important criterion relates to teacher mastery of online education methods and their ability to communicate and motivate effectively with their students via LMS.