Certified Institutions

Embiz Foundation has a specific policy and procedures for analyzing, evaluating and if, requirements are fulfilled, certify online education institutions according to our Accreditation Process.  Once an institution is accredited, it is granted to issue online digital certificate to graduated students acknowledging Embiz Academic Certification Board guidance and supervision.

Regional certification

Embiz Foundation certifies one online executive education institution per world region according to World Bank classification:  East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, North America, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa.  Institutions are certified for 3-year period.  Certifications can be renewed if accreditation standards are met.  Certified institutions are authorized by Embiz Foundation to grant digital certificates and awards and must produce a valid certification number on each digital document.

Support and supervision

Embiz Foundation, through its Academic Certification Board and Operations’ Staff supports accredited institutions and supervises their certification issuing processes to operate according to certification process specifications.  Certificates should be produced using blockchain technology and must be 100% related to objective evidence of students’ individual achievements, which should be evaluated directly at certified institution LMS and then granted through a secure technological third partner.  Individual certificates are valid for a 3-year period.